We at Mettw, D.M. we are attentive and we care about your Privacy, we protect your data and use it to deliver you the products you order, keep you informed about our news and improve your browsing and shopping experience every day.
This section is dedicated to explain clearly and easily how we use data in our customers, if you have additional questions you can always write to us at


What information do we use and why

The data you enter during the order: are used to fulfill the sales agreement and be able to ship you the products you ordered. We also use this data to send you SMS and shipping confirmation emails so you know when your order will arrive.

If during the ordering phase you authorize us to send you newsletters and communications regarding the news of our products along with discounts and promotions reserved for you, you will receive regular emails from us.

At any time you can delete your contact from our mailing list simply by clicking on the link Unsubscribe in all emails/newsletters that you will receive at the bottom of the email.


Your credit card information: They are NOT saved in our systems and no of our employees are able to read them. The only thing we can see is the type of credit card used and the last 4 digits. We need this information to be able to respond to your customer service requests and to keep track of how orders are paid.

For credit card receipts, we use the world's highest security systems and partners such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and others.


The data you leave when you sign up for the site or newsletter: all the data we ask when you sign up for the site or newsletter is aimed at improving your shopping experience and speeding up making your future orders easier. For example, we may ask you for additional and optional information such as the age of your children, the reason we do this is to offer you interesting products and in line with your children's age range or to offer you coupons for the birthday etc.

All optional data that you are asked for is optional so you will always be free to leave it to us or ask us to delete it at any time.


Contact history: what you write to our customer service is retained so that we can keep a history of your requests and be able to respond as quickly as possible to subsequent requests for assistance. We must do this in order to fulfil the contract and provide you with the best possible level of assistance.


Order history: First, we must remember orders to fulfill the sales contract, check the fulfillment and shipping status of orders, and comply with tax and legal obligations.


History of products saved on the wishlist: our systems automatically save the products you save in the Wishlist, we use this data in an automated way to allow you to buy the products you have saved in the list improving your user experience and speeding up your purchase flow. After all, if you click the save button in the wishlist you expect the products to be saved, of course you are always free to delete them at any time by clicking on the appropriate button.

In general you are not obliged to give us any of the above information, but if you do not you will not be able to buy from our site simply because we would not be able to meet your request without the required data. This is your choice that we respect.

Please note that the information you leave us is anonymized and aggregated for statistical purposes, testing our computer systems, data analysis, app development and new products.


Communicating your information

We do NOT sell and do NOT give your data to third parties. We only use them for all our services.

However, in fulfilling our services and fulfilling the sales agreement, we must disclose your data or make it available to:

  • Our employees in order to perform the services and fulfill the sales agreement
  • Company of our group, controlled or linked now or in the future
  • Partner companies working to enable us to send products, logistics companies and shipping companies (couriers)
  • Consultants or partners in our business who work for us to enable us to improve the services offered or ship your orders


Commercial Communications

If you have given us permission to send Newsletters and commercial communications, we will send them to you by email or SMS to introduce you to new products or offer you discounts and offers dedicated to you.

At any time you can delete from the Newsletter by clicking on the Unsubscribe button in all emails at the bottom center. You can write to customer service on support.

Please note that cancellation from the Newsletter will not result in the interruption of service communications regarding order confirmations or shipment of your orders. Please note that for technical reasons the deletion from the newsletter may not be instantaneous.


How long your personal data is stored

Your information will not remain permanently in our system, if we do not need it, it will be deleted. We will keep your personal data for as long as you are our customer.

You can request the deletion of your data at any time by writing to our customer service. Keep in mind that some order data will need to be retained to fulfill tax, legal, regulatory, dispute resolution, or other regulatory requirements.


Privacy Policy Changes

If you make any changes, you'll find the updated version in this section of the site.



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How to Contact Us

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