19th Century Wooden Slicer
19th Century Wooden Slicer
19th Century Wooden Slicer
19th Century Wooden Slicer
19th Century Wooden Slicer

    19th Century Wooden Slicer

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    Do you want to cut out a perfect plate of meat at the party? This slicer is a very suitable and unique present.Sausage Slicer-O-Matic - GIF on Imgur

    This handcrafted profession Wooden slicer & Cheese Slicer is worth a look. It has a beechwood body and a serrated stainless steel blade. It can be used to cut sausage, bread, and veggies.

    Unique Slovene salami slicer for slicing salami or dry-cured meat is handmade and covered with edible virgin oil. The blade is made of stainless steel.

    It is almost indispensable in any wine cellar where people enjoy a glass of good wine with nicely sliced homemade salami.

    The design of this salami slicer goes back to the 19th century and was originally made in the vicinity of Sevnica – Slovenia.

    This beauty can be a great decoration in your kitchen and eye-catching piece at your party when you'll be cutting perfect salami or dry-cured meat slices. With no electricity, no noise you'll be slicing your salami with passion.

    Handmade solid Cherry wood

    Very sharp blade made from stainless steel makes 1- 1.5mm slices (approx).

    The blade can be changed if ever happened it's un-sharp.

    For detailed measures see the gallery

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